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'''Fritz Mauthner''' (22 November 1849 – 29 June 1923) was an Austro-Hungarian novelist, theatre critic, satirist, and exponent of philosophical skepticism derived from a critique of human knowledge. Mauthner was born on 22 November 1849 into an assimilated, well-to-do Jews|Jewish family from Hořice (Jičín District)|Horschitz (Hořice; also Horschitz) in Bohemia. He became editor of the ''Berliner Tageblatt'' in 1895, but is best known for his ''Beiträge zu einer Kritik der Sprache'' (''Contributions to a Critique of Language''), published in three parts in 1901 and 1902. Ludwig Wittgenstein took several of his ideas from Mauthner,Janik, Allan and Toulmin, Stephen Toulmin. ''Wittgenstein's Vienna''. I.R. Dee, 1996 (first published 1973), pp. 119, 121–133. and acknowledges him in his Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus (1922).Wittgenstein L., ''Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus'',...
Birth placeHořice (Jičín District)|Horschitz, Kingdom of Bohemia|Bohemia
Death date{{Death date and age|1923|6|29|1849|11|22|df=y}}
Death placeMeersburg, Weimar Germany|Germany
Alma materCharles University in Prague
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